Newcomers And Neighbors Club of Casa Grande


The Newcomers and Neighbors Club of Casa Grande is for anyone who is looking to connect with new friends in our community.  Maybe you just moved to town to take a new job, or maybe you just retired from a job, either way, change brings new opportunities for connection. 

The Newcomers and Neighbors Club of Casa Grande hosts a monthly orientation for those who are interested (see Event Calendar).  This orientation includes a chance to meet other newcomers and neighbors, along with members of the Club Board who will give you a detailed description of the club and membership. You can join before you attend the meeting, and get started right away signing up for events and activities.

The main action of Casa Grande Newcomers and Neighbors is found in activity and interest groups.  The various groups generally meet monthly to have fun doing something everyone loves, and they are a great way to get to know people better.

Periodically throughout the year the Club also hosts various All-Club Events—concerts, scavenger hunts, cook-offs, picnics, and more.  Members are notified when new events are scheduled.

Please be our guest for up to three times before joining. Or, if you're ready to join click here and get started right away!

Orientation Meetings

Activity Groups

All-Club Events

Want to know if the Newcomers and Neighbors Club of Casa Grande is right for you?  Join us at an Orientation Meeting, generally  held on the second Thursday of each month at 5:30pm, at the Central Event Hall, 408 N Sacaton.  See the Event Calendar for details.  

Each month the many Activity Groups of the Club meet on their own to pursue interests, hobbies, laughter, and fun.  Games, crafts, biking, and books are just a few examples, and new activity groups are being added all the time.  Club members can participate in as many Activity Groups as they want!  See Event Calendar for all the action.

Several times throughout the year the entire Newcomers and Neighbors Club of Casa Grande meets for All Club Events.  Speakers, concerts, outings, and adventures await, plus a chance to meet even more people and have more fun!

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